GRAD360 is currently in beta testing at select universities.

We are not accepting any new registrations during the beta.

Our email is filled with one question:

"When are you coming to my university?

Our beta testing is being conducted in order to assure that our site is working properly with our first 500 users. This small group test is necessary to monitor the general functionality of the site as well as to make any useful changes per users feedback.

User feedback is key to offering a great product. Our goal is to offer the best networking ecosystem available to university students. The beta does not have a specific time frame. Once we are satisfied that the site is able to grow in accordance with our planned roll out, we will open the site to additional students. We regularly make announcements on Twitter @OfficialGRAD360 and on our Facebook page GRAD360.

Thank you to everyone who has helped make GRAD360 a reality, and we are excited about the future!

Steven Gannon